Worry-Free Escrow

15% – 20% of escrows get cancelled.

Cancelled Escrow Protection©

We want your home inspection to be worry-free. That’s why we offer our exclusive Cancelled Escrow Protection with every home inspection we do. Buyers “fall out of escrow” Cancelled Escrowdue to many reasons that are unforeseen. Reasons include:

  • A low appraisal
  • Big repair items as a result of an inspection
  • Unreasonable sellers
  • Or simply a change of heart

Protect yourself from having to pay full price for another inspection on a subsequent house. If your escrow cancels for any reason, we will do a second inspection for you and give you a $100 discount. The discount applies to a subsequent inspection of equal or lesser value. If your 2nd house is bigger or has additional inspection items (such as a pool or guest house) that were not included in the first inspection, the difference will be billed at the regular price.

If you are buying an older home, consider upgrading to our Premier Service Bundle which includes a drain line video inspection.

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Cancelled Escrow Protection©

If your escrow does not close for any reason, we will perform a second home inspection for you at $100 off the regular price. Just schedule your second inspection within 45 days of your first inspection.

  • Applies to all full home inspections.
  • The second inspection must be booked within 45 days of the first inspection.
  • Only one Cancelled Escrow Protection discount per customer.
  • Does not apply to verbal inspections, multi-family structures, drain line inspections, mold inspections, photography services, or re-inspections.

If the second escrow cancels and a third home is purchased, the third inspection will be billed at the regular price with a repeat customer discount only.

Inspection Guarantee
Home Inspection Guarantee

Our Exclusive Inspection Guarantee Protects you from Report Errors.

This guarantee protects you from any issues that should have been identified within the scope of the inspection. If we missed it, we will have it repaired. No deductible. Limited to $1,000.

Premium Service Upgrade

If you know you’ll want the inspector to return to the house to review repairs, you should consider upgrading to our Premium Bundle. It includes a free re-inspection and a drain line inspection. Have your inspector return to the house he inspected to verify that repairs were performed, and done properly. This is often required by lenders to confirm repairs were made.  If no repairs are made, get a free maintenance inspection within 1 year.

Drain Line Inspection

A video inspection of the main drain line can confirm that it is clear of defects, or in need of repair. Avoid costly plumbing problems.

Aerial Roof Inspection

Get a bird’s eye view of your roof even if it is tile or two-story. Most other inspectors cannot effectively view your roof. We can.