Buyer’s Home Inspection

Now including a Visual Mold Assessment at no charge!

Good or Great?

A good home inspection identifies problems in a house that could cost you a lot of money. A great home inspection puts you in control and can be a very valuable negotiating tool when purchasing a home. Our experienced home inspectors perform a rigorous inspection Home Inspection Guaranteeof hundreds of items and build an awesome interactive report for you. We promise that you won’t move in to find significant unexpected repairs and we back that up with our exclusive Inspection Guarantee.

We believe you won’t find better inspectors or a company that stands behind the inspections like we do. Our home inspectors also maintain their skills through constant ongoing training. We provide you with more of the information you need, guaranteed.

Visual Mold Assessment

Most home inspectors will not utter the word “mold”. They don’t want anything to do with it, and they are not certified to identify it. Most importantly they do not carry insurance for mold since it is an add-on to most E&O policies. They are therefore discouraged by their insurance company from discussing possible mold conditions. This is a huge disadvantage for the home buyer. 

All of our inspectors are certified mold inspectors. When we perform a home inspection, we will tell our clients about conditions that are conducive to mold growth, or even the presence of apparent mold, included with our home inspection at no additional charge (a $300 value). If there are signs or conditions that could contribute to mold, our clients have the option to have testing performed right on the spot. For a small charge per sample (to cover the cost of lab fees and supplies), we will collect the appropriate number and type of samples needed to determine the presence or absence of mold*.

Since we are already performing an extensive evaluation of the house and searching for any signs of unwanted moisture, you will save a lot of money when compared to hiring a separate mold inspection company. They will simply be duplicating what we have already done for you, but they will charge you $300 – $600 for the evaluation alone.

*Samples must be collected at the time of the home inspection or additional trip fees may apply.

Cancelled Escrow Protection©

Are you worried about paying for an inspection, then find out you don’t want the house? Paying for a second inspection can be costly, but you won’t have to pay full price with us.  If your escrow cancels for any reason, we will inspect a second house within 45 days and give you a $100 discount off of the listed price. See details.

What We Look For


Click to watch Infrared Thermal Imaging video

We use Thermal Infrared (IR) Cameras at every inspection to check for leaks, moisture, HVAC problems, and electrical over-loads. If a home inspector isn’t using IR, they may be missing huge problems. Some home inspection companies will use a Thermal Infrared camera for an additional fee. We use it at every inspection at no additional charge ($250 value).

After checking hundreds of items, your interactive report is presented in an easy to read format complete with zoom-able color photos, diagrams, and video. Now when needed, you can WATCH defects in action. Listen to a bad condenser or watch a furnace cycling, and share the report with contractors to get accurate quotes for repair. (See sample report

Health and Safety

Our primary concern is your health and safety. We check the built-in safety features that can help your family avoid or survive a disaster such as a house fire or electric shocks. Or illness caused by mold and mildew from moisture problems. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology such as FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras, Carbon Monoxide and gas leak detectors, our own custom-built tools and fantastic training, you will get a full review of:

  • Fire safety features
  • Firewall integrity
  • Electrical systems
  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms
  • Locks
  • Handrails
  • Balconies
  • Egress
  • Water heaters
  • Gas leaks
  • Safety Glass
  • Moisture issues that may lead to mold
  • Structural integrity
  • And many other items

 Asking for Repairs

We understand that no one involved with the sale wants expensive repairs to turn up during the inspection. But it is important to all parties that the major defects are identified. A thorough inspection protects the buyer from unexpected repairs and the seller from liability for non-disclosure after the sale. We help you build a professional, detailed Request For Repair addendum faster and easier than ever – right from your report!

A home inspector’s job is to identify all significant issues so that the buyer and seller may come to an equitable arrangement. The Real Estate Inspection Company’s inspectors will check everything including the crawlspace and attic, and they have the training to explain everything to the buyers and agents. You will receive a detailed evaluation of:

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Heating and Air conditioning equipment
  • Pool Equipment (additional fee)
  • Insulation
  • Hazardous electrical equipment
  • Moisture from leaks or water intrusion
  • Siding
  • Foundation
  • Chimney and fireplace (Level 1)
  • Substandard modifications
  • Appliances
  • Water heaters
  • Visual Mold Assessment

 Aerial Roof Inspections

All of our inspectors show up prepared to inspect roofs that a lot of other home inspectors can’t inspect. They won’t get on a roof that is more than 12 feet from the ground. This excludes any two story roofs. They also cannot inspect tile or concrete roofs other than from the edge of the roof, standing on a ladder. We utilize custom high-resolution pole cameras that allow us to inspect roofs safely, thoroughly, and completely at no additional fee (a $150 value). Our method is better than a drone inspection because the inspect is not distracted by flying a drone, and is not limited by the short battery life of a drone which can cause an inspector to rush the roof inspection. Furthermore, our technique is silent and does not upset neighbor pets, etc. See more about our roof inspections HERE.

Come prepared to participate!

Our inspectors are great to work with. This is your time to get your questions answered. Learn about the house you are buying. Bring a measuring tape, notepad, camera, carpet samples, or whatever else you want to know. The inspector is working for you. So make the most of the inspection appointment. You will be glad you did.

Your Home Inspector is Your Advocate

Click here to see our awesome new home inspection report format.

Click here to see our report. Observe the detail, the infrared images, videos, and the recommendations.

Compare our home inspection reports to any other company. You will notice a difference. We have been performing home inspections for more than 10 years, and we know what is important to our clients. Many newer, less experienced inspectors will not be as detailed or experienced with the huge variety of houses that we run across. We have seen just about everything from houses built in the late 1800’s to bad remodels or “flips”.

Our philosophy is that you should have as much information about the house as possible. We use every tool we have to find any problems. Our inspectors detail everything with clarity (and good grammar!). We inspect hundreds of items in a house. We check everything from the foundation to the roof, and just about everything in between.

When you look at our sample report, please note the incorporation of thermal imaging in our report. We use Infrared Thermal Imaging to find leaks that can easily go un-noticed by inspectors who have not made the investment in this technology. Many discount inspectors do not use this equipment which can cost you in the long run.

Our inspectors have your best interest in mind. The very last thing we want is to have you move into your new home only to find expensive problems. We have no problem telling agents to find another inspection company if they imply that we should “ignore” certain items. If we find it, it goes in the report. Even if the seller says, “Oh, I’m fixing that later today”.

A home inspection is a detailed evaluation of a house and is intended to reveal items that substantially affect habitability. Our primary concerns are your family’s health and safety, and identifying items that could be expensive to repair that may not have been fully disclosed to you by the seller.

Having said that, there are several things you should not expect from a home inspection. It is not an evaluation of cosmetic or decorator items. It is not a guarantee that a seller must fix any of the items in the report. For example, a seller does not have to bring an older home in compliance with today’s building standards. An old house with single pane windows is not required to have double pane windows installed for you. We do not inventory the items in the house, and we do not confirm the accuracy of the MLS statements. If you are buying an older home please visit our Insider’s Guide to buying older houses.

When choosing a property inspection company for your home, consider your options carefully. Home inspectors are not generic, and they are not all the same. Just like most other services a good one costs a few dollars more. But a good inspection can be worth thousands of dollars in seller concessions or repairs.

The Real Estate Inspection Company follows the NACHI Standards of Practice. Please review these standards prior to the inspection so you know what to expect from your inspection, and what your inspector will and will not inspect.