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3D Virtual Reality Tour Powered by Matterport™

As a Matterport™ Service Partner we have the most realistic, immersive way to experience a property online. The only interactive tourMatterport Service Partner solution that creates an entire 3D Virtual Reality Tour of your listing powered by Matterport™ – the leading manufacturer of high-end 3D Cameras!

Let potential buyers experience your listings by taking a virtual, self-directed walking tour with their smartphone, tablet or computer. Buyers are more technologically savvy than ever before. No other pictures, slide shows or videos can display your listings like our technology. And unlike most providers, we create an engaging landing page to combine all of your media and information about a property to tell the whole story.

Do You Want to be a Market Leader?

Win More Listings

You gain a competitive advantage over other agents, making you the clear choice to list any home.

Engage More Buyers

You can better reach busy or out-of-town buyers, because, with Virtual Reality, they can feel like they are actually there, anytime.

Be a Leader

Let us help you raise your profile as a high-tech real estate agent by using state-of-the-art technology.

For a limited time, get a 3D Scan on your listing for only $99 when you  get a Pre-listing inspection.

Why Use Us For Your Matterport™ Tour?

Other companies will provide you with the simple model. We create an engaging landing page for you which can be customized to your liking. We include a photo gallery, any style/length description, and we can incorporate any videos you have including video tours and even drone videos. If you want, we can even create a highlight reel which automatically “walks” the viewer through the model. This is a great feature if you display models in your office lobby or conference room.


Does the house have unique features that you’d like to highlight? We can put tags next to these components so the viewer can click to find out more information. It’s sort of like the “pins” on a map. Does the house have automation? Whole-house audio? Heated tile floors? High-end appliances? We can bring extra attention to these unique features.


Highlight special features with Mattertags

If you have multiple properties such as vacation rentals, model homes or simply multiple listings, we can make a landing page that shows a thumbnail of each listing with a map showing the location of all of your listings. See our current listings for examples.

We provide several links to properly show off your listing. You get a simple unbranded link to comply with the MLS requirements. You will also receive a “Branded” link for use in social media and emails that have a contact form, your contact info, and picture, social media share buttons, etc. We also give you an “embed” code which allows you to actually place the 3D model directly into your webpage.

3D House Video

Do Real Estate Agents pay for Repairs?

Yes! Every time the selling price goes down due to a request for repairs or re-negotiation. When you combine a 3D Virtual Reality Tour with a Pre-Listing home inspection, you can sell homes faster and for more money. The seller saves money too. Very often sellers can negotiate the best price for servicing a component rather than facing a buyer who asks for full replacement. By getting listings inspected up front, sellers can address any items that need repair, thereby eliminating costly requests for repair. For other items that won’t be repaired, they can be disclosed up front in compliance with new disclosure rules.

Most of the items that turn up on a home inspection report are simple maintenance items. While these repairs may seem insignificant, they give the appearance that a house was poorly maintained. By getting the house inspected before listing it, these small maintenance items can be addressed leaving the buyer with little doubt about the condition of the house, and the integrity of the seller and the agent.

Combine Services and Save

The 3D Virtual Reality Tour powered by Matterport is already a great value and will pay for itself by providing convenience, more exposure, and less time wasted showing the house to people who aren’t interested. By bundling a pre-listing inspection with a 3D Virtual Reality Tour, you get a great bundle discount. (Does not apply to verbal-only inspections). The home seller will save money by repairing defects ahead of time leaving very little to negotiate. Combine these great services and save money! Please see our pricing page for Bundle Discounts.

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