Are Drones or Pole Cameras the Best Approach for a Roof Inspection?

When it comes to home inspections, the roof is an essential component. It protects the home, keeps out the elements, and helps save energy. However, many roofs aren’t very accessible, which is why some inspectors assess what they can from the ground. At The Real Estate Inspection Company, we believe thorough inspections include roofs. That raises the question: what’s the best approach for a roof inspection?

Are Drones or Pole Cameras the Best Approach for a Roof Inspection?Roof Access and “Walking the Roof”

Roof inspectors have varying opinions on the best approach for a roof inspection. Many home inspectors prefer to “walk the roof” if at all possible. Accessing the roof and walking it provides a visual, and it also offers a tangible way to assess the roof’s condition. Other inspectors prefer to view the roof from below or neglect it altogether, for safety or legal reasons.

We make every attempt to gain access to the roof. However, many roofs are truly inaccessible, while some present a safety concern. When this happens, our inspectors don’t disclaim the roof. Instead, we use tools that help us achieve the result we need.

Drone Roof Inspections

Some companies use drones to inspect otherwise inaccessible roofs. While we don’t discount their use, we don’t use the approach, and here’s why. First, you must obtain remote pilot certification to fly drones for commercial use, and obtain permission to fly, which isn’t always guaranteed due to flight restrictions, airport proximity, and other reasons. Second, inspectors must manage both flying the drone and inspecting the roof via video camera. Finally, drone cameras are increasing their video quality, but they aren’t always on par with our cameras. For this reason and more, we prefer to use aerial pole cameras. 

Aerial Pole Cameras

In many instances, our residential and commercial property inspectors use a pole-mounted camera to visually inspect the roof’s condition. This is the next best option when the rooftop is inaccessible due to height, water, slope, roofing material, or other reasons. Therefore, we equip all of our inspectors with pole-mounted cameras that capture detailed roofing information in high definition.

Aerial pole cameras and equipment provide inspectors with clear images in real-time. The high-quality cameras deliver high-definition images showing gutter, flashing, chimney defects, and other detailed findings. We then include both the results and associated photos in a detailed report along with any findings. 

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