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During a home inspection, the inspector’s primary concern is the health and safety of the client. Our home inspectors will search for and report on dangers in the home including amateur wiring which could lead to a fire, absence of smoke detectors, presence of security bars over windows, condition of the fire-wall, and condition of the fireplace among others. The inspector will also inspect and report on any poorly installed gas appliances such as furnaces and water heaters that could present a Carbon Monoxide hazard.

Danger: Unattended Candles start fires

Unattended Candles are a major cause of house fires. Never leave candles burning unattended. Candles should only be placed on a non-combustible surface such as a ceramic plate. Never leave candles burning after you go to bed. You should not use candles if you have house pets. Pets can knock candles over, or worse, cats… Read more »

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