Aerial Roof Inspections

Birdseye View

Aerial Roof Inspection

Most home inspectors can’t (or won’t) inspect a roof that is more than 12 feet high, covered with concrete or clay tiles, or when it’s wet. With our new cameras, we’ve got you covered. Our Aerial roof inspection reveals the condition of hard-to-reach roofs.

Our inspectors get up front and personal with your roof

We get to those hard-to-view areas on high roofs, chimney caps, concealed flat roofs, inaccessible decks, and those impossible to reach skylights. Keep in mind that home inspectors are not required to report on “inaccessible” roofs. With so many two-story houses built on tiny lots, it is very difficult for even seasoned inspectors to view high roofs from the ground. Our inspectors can get a bird’s eye view.

Roof Inspection

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We do not use drones because of their limited battery life which limits the evaluation time and distracts the inspector. Our custom high-resolution cameras allow for a careful, non-distracting evaluation. This is just one of the many tools available to our inspectors so they can provide you with the best possible evaluation of a house. And we include it with our home inspections at no additional charge.

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