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Repair EstimatesRepairPricer grew organically out of a system that was already being used by an inspector, a Realtor and their contractor. To better assist his clients, the Realtor would take the inspection report that the inspector provided his clients after their home inspection and then give it to the contractor to price out. The Realtor could then use that estimate as a negotiation tool for his clients during the option period to get necessary repairs performed by the seller, or even reduce the sales price. This became increasingly popular, and soon other agents in his office were also having the contractor do the same thing. It became so popular in fact that the contractor no longer had time to do all the reports, so he hired a team to build him a pricing tool, using hundreds of past reports and thousands of estimates until he had an extremely accurate database of every single home repair item and the average cost for each one. Below, we’ve put a few answers to the most common questions our clients ask us.

Where do you get your prices from?

Our staff perform rolling market surveys every day in every US Zip code to get labor and material rates for thousands of different repairs. This data then gets entered into our learning database, along with real-time feedback loops for actual repair jobs from our preferred partners. We pair this information with tax records, permit history, satellite, Google StreetView and MLS images, drone flyovers, survey information and more to create an incredibly detailed picture of your home, it’s features and location. Then, our skilled Pricing Experts manually review EVERY report to make sure it is accurate, realistic, and ready to go. It’s why we’re trusted by thousands of real estate agents and home inspectors as the ONLY source for repair pricing.

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Who sees my report?

The only people who ever see your inspection report after you upload it are our Pricing Experts. We NEVER share your inspection report with anyone, and we also wipe any digital copies of your report from our servers after we have given you the pricing report.

How accurate is it?

In studies we have conducted with real life reports we have found our reports are 98% accurate when it comes to true repair cost. This is the reason we are accepted as the industry standard, and are widely used by some of the largest and most successful inspection companies across the nation. And while we cannot guarantee our pricing in any way (there are too many variable and potential underlying issues that we may not be made aware of) – outside of an onsite inspection by multiple contractors we are the MOST accurate and reliable option out there.

What format will it be in?

All our reports are in an easy to read, small file PDF format that you can open on any device and easily share with others.

How long does it take?

We understand that during the home purchase process, time is extremely valuable. That’s why we promise to have every pricing report completed in 24 hours or less.

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