True 3D Virtual Reality Tour

It’s Here, and It’s Amazing

Every once in a while a new technology comes along that really changes to way things are done. In just the past few years the way we shop, stay in touch, and market our businesses has completely changed. Real estate is no exception. There are apps that give potential buyers unprecedented information on any home for sale. Information that until a few years ago, they could not have. Buyers have amazing access to new listings and can even be notified when a house matching their criteria comes on the market.

Matterport 3D camera in San DiegoBut how does a seller or listing agent really sell the house? It is still a time consuming process of getting the sellers out of their home to arrange a showing. Often, the wide-angle pictures that the buyer loved don’t reflect the house very well, and the appointment was a waste of time. Back in the car! Let’s move on. This is a painstaking process especially when viewing out of area homes or during commute hours.

With the introduction of a new camera from a Bay Area company called Matterport, sellers can now have real 3D Virtual Reality Tour of their house created quickly, and inexpensively. This isn’t just a slide show of smartphone pictures running to a weird soundtrack. These are fully immersive tours – just like a first person video game! Potential buyers can walk themselves through a house at their own direction. Want to see the laundry room from the kitchen? No problem. Turn around and go to the dining area? No problem! The 3D technology allows the user to move through the house and really get a feel for the dimensions, layout and feel of the house. Viewers can actually look up, down and around to see ceiling fixtures, lighting, crown molding, flooring, etc. It truly is the next best thing to being there. One of the most amazing features is the Dollhouse view that is created. This is a miniature model of the house that the buyer can spin around and use to really get a feel for the layout – or flow – of the house. The walk-though tour can be started in any room by simply clicking that room.

Benefits for the Seller

Many home sellers want to limit the number of strangers walking through their house. It’s awkward, and there are reports of items being stolen during showings. A 3D Tour can help:

  • Pre-qualify interested buyers, and limit the number of showings.
  • Home sellers no longer have to keep their house “show ready” every day.
  • People can be directed to the online Tour first to gauge their interest.
  • A listing with a 3D tour stands out above traditional, photo-only listings.
  • The technology is so new, people will actually share it on social media giving it more exposure.

Benefits for the Listing Agent

  • Win more listings by offering this new technology to potential clients.
  • Show buyers all of your listings from the comfort of their home before driving them all over.
  • Your listings will stand out. Buyers will call you first to see your listings.
  • Don’t waste time showing buyers houses they don’t like.
  • Get more traffic to your website.

Smart, affordable marketing

Have The Real Estate Inspection Company perform your scan using Matterport Technology. We can also help you sell your house faster and at full price by combining a Matterport 3D Virtual Reality Scan with a pre-listingMatterport 3D Virtual Reality Landing Page inspection. By knowing what a buyer’s inspector will find ahead of time, you can avoid lengthy requests for repair, demands for a lower price, and a stalled escrow under the new TRID rules. Remember that it is not always the significance of a defect, but the number of defects that can affect a buyers perception of a house. By getting a jump on all the maintenance items in a typical inspection report, and having the time to negotiate repairs for the best price, you can save far more than the price of the inspection and perhaps avoid having a buyer back out altogether.

Bundle a pre-listing inspection with a 3D Scan and save money. We discount the services to provide even more value to sellers and agents. Call us today to find out more at 800-232-5180 or via email at

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