The Truth About Free Warranties From Home Inspectors

Is your information being sold?

You may have been approached recently by some home inspection companies who promote their services which include a collection of free warranties. These may include a 90-day warranty, a drain line warranty, a mold warranty, or even an appliance recall notification service. They are promoted as protection “against anything that the home inspector misses.”

Before buying into these warranties there are a few things you should know. First of all, home inspectors are given these warranties for free in order to obtain your information. In exchange for a home buyer’s contact info, the inspector can give these warranties out. You might ask why? It’s because the companies behind these warranties use the customer information to sell them other services such as central alarm systems, and provide their names to contractors who pay for leads.

When it comes to covering claims, read the fine print. They do NOT cover items that a home inspector misses. If the condition is pre-existing, as in the defect existed before the inspection, these warranties will not cover them. They also come with high deductibles – as much as $300 – and low limits. One such coverage is a sewer line warranty. A sewer line clogged with roots or deteriorated will likely be denied because it will not have rusted through since the inspection. The deductible is $300, and the coverage is only $2,000 – if it is covered at all as a pre-existing condition.

We never ever sell or give away our client’s personal information!

The Real Estate Inspection Company has always offered a Home Inspection Guarantee of our own. Our guarantee covers items that our inspectors should have caught within the scope of a home inspection. If we missed it, and it should have been in the report, we’ll send someone to fix it at our expense with no deductible.

Why is this important to you? If you are evaluating home inspection companies, use one that puts their reputation on the line. If the inspection company simply deflects your clients to a third party warranty that doesn’t care about you, they have no problem denying claims. We have our reputation on the line. That leads to a better inspection in the first place and great response afterward.

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