Automated Request for Repair

About the Video

This Request for Repair builder is a huge time saver for real estate agents. Generate a Request for Repair Addendum right from your report! Simply scroll through the report summary and pick which items you want to include, how you want the issue resolved (cash, repair, replacement, etc) and generate a Request for Repair addendum with photos and a detailed description from the report. You don’t have to come up with any wording. Just use the comments from the home inspection report. You can then print it, or email the generated .pdf file to whomever you choose!

Do you want to try and build a sample Request for Repair right now? We suggest watching the short video above, then clike on the Try it Now button below to see how easy it is. 

This tool is absolutely free and is available to agents who have us perform their client’s home inspections. This is just one way we provide outstanding service. If you have any questions, feel free to call us for more information.