Aerial Roof Inspections

When purchasing a home or commercial building, it’s important for potential buyers to get an accurate assessment of the roof. Don’t be caught unawares, having to pay for expensive repairs or, worse yet, a new roof. The certified inspectors at The Real Estate Inspection Company will provide the facts you need in our roof inspection report. Contact us at (800) 232-5180. We serve San Diego and the surrounding areas with our inspection services.

Most home inspectors can’t (or won’t) inspect a roof that is covered with concrete or clay tiles, is wet, or is more than 12 feet high. This excludes any two-story roofs from most inspections. At The Real Estate Inspection Company, all of our inspectors show up prepared to inspect roofs that many other home inspectors won’t. Our aerial roof inspection reveals the condition of hard-to-reach roofs.

Camera Technology Wins the Day

We utilize custom high-resolution pole cameras that allow us to inspect roofs safely, thoroughly, and completely at no additional fee (a $150 value). This is just one of the many tools available to our inspectors, which allows them to provide you with the best possible evaluation of a house.

We Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Your Roof

During a home or commercial roof inspection, our cameras allow us to access hard-to-view areas on high roofs, chimney caps, concealed flat roofs, inaccessible decks, and those impossible-to-reach skylights. Keep in mind that home inspectors are not required to report on “inaccessible” roofs. With so many two-story houses built on tiny lots, it is very difficult for even seasoned inspectors to view high roofs from the ground. Our inspectors can get a bird’s eye view.

Our method is better than a drone inspection because the inspector is not distracted by the process of flying the drone and is not limited by the short battery life of the drone — which can cause an inspector to rush the roof inspection. Furthermore, our technique is silent and does not upset neighboring pets or people. We include it with our home inspections at no additional charge.

Our inspections tell the story of your house.

More Inspections

Besides roofs, we offer several other inspections for your protection.

For the best deal, see our premium bundle packages and compare us to other home inspectors to understand the value of working with us.

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Information-Packed Reports

We’re proud of the peer-reviewed, multi-media reports we create for our clients. They contain the following:

  • Pictures
  • Embedded videos
  • Tips
  • Diagrams
  • Thermal imaging pictures
  • Report summary with a list of repair items that functions as a repair list
  • Insurance information sheet
  • PDF version of report for emailing and downloading

Overall, we’ve found that most of our clients get a return of three to four times the cost of the inspection in seller concessions. The combined inspector experience that goes into each report is unmatched in Southern California.

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The QwikFix

But it doesn’t end there. We’ve found a way to deal with one of the most stressful parts of the buying process. Our affiliation with TheQwikFix now makes it easy to get timely quotes and repairs for remediation during escrow, just by clicking a link. You read that right. No more running around in a scheduling nightmare trying to locate contractors. It can all be arranged just by clicking the link embedded in your report email.

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From top to bottom, a roof is one of the first lines of defense for your home or building. Understand the condition of yours with a roof inspection from The Real Estate Inspection Company Company. Call us at (800) 232-5180 or schedule now. We service San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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