Pool & Spa Inspections

A pool can be a magnificent addition to a house, providing hours of fun spent with family and friends poolside. But just like a house, a poorly maintained or old pool can be costly to restore or repair. Adding a pool inspection to your home buyer inspection or other inspection services is a tremendous value, and it will give you an accurate assessment of its condition. Contact us at (800) 232-5180. We serve San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Pools may have significant repair issues that can be a budget breaker. For example, resurfacing a pool can be as costly as installing a new roof. Repairs should not be taken lightly simply because the pool is outside. A swimming pool inspection will give you the knowledge you need to ask for remediation or a price reduction during the time of escrow.


In addition to an inspection of the condition of the pool and its attached equipment, we put a lot of emphasis on pool safety. Pools and spas can be very dangerous especially for small children and adults with long hair. We highly recommend that you have the pool inspected and take steps to secure the pool to prevent accidental drownings. You may want to read Pool Entrapment Hazard information.

Pool safety standards have changed numerous times over the years. Older pools especially should be inspected so that you’re aware of what might not meet current safety standards. While a seller does not have to upgrade a pool built years ago to meet today’s standards, we think you should know what is required today. Let us identify those items for you. See Don’t Swim with Shocks for more information.

Pool Inspections

In addition to finding safety hazards and costly repairs, it is important to document what is functioning properly. Many home buyers obtain a home warranty, so it is critical to document that items such as the pump or pool lights were functioning when you purchased the home. This way the warranty cannot claim “pre-existing conditions.”

All of our home inspectors are pool inspectors — they are certified to inspect pools and spas. Just like a home inspection, pool inspections are visual in nature and do not include dismantling any component.

More invasive, exhaustive testing is available from some pool contractors. These swimming pool inspections are lengthy and may include pressure testing underground plumbing, verifying sizing and adequacy of equipment, and providing estimates of life remaining. These high-end inspections typically cost between $500 – $750.

Our inspections tell the story of your house.

Scheduling Pool Inspections

If you want to add a pool inspection to your home inspection, be sure to check that service when scheduling the appointment online or tell our office staff when you are scheduling over the phone. If a pool inspection is included with a home inspection, please allow additional time for the inspection due to the time required to inspect and document the pool.

  1. Surface condition (plaster, vinyl, fiberglass)
  2. Coping edge
  3. Tile band
  4. Decking around the pool
  5. Pool light functionality
  6. Condition of pumps, valves, and visible plumbing
  7. Pool furnace
  8. Condition of filter
  9. Electrical components
  10. GFCI protection
  11. Fill valves
  12. Condition of pumps and valves
  13. Above grade (visible) plumbing
  14. Pool furnace
  15. Condition of solar panels
  16. Fencing/door alarms
  17. Skimmers
  18. Safety drain covers and placement
  19. Safety ledge (bench)
  20. The operational condition of the pool/spa
  21. Limited operation of computer control systems
  22. Bonding wire on equipment (not fencing or house)
  1. Draining pool/spa
  2. Entering the pool/spa
  3. Concealed Items (rebar, underground plumbing, buried electrical)
  4. Underground leaks
  5. Chemical and water treatment systems, including the chemical conditions of the water in the pool/spa
  6. Calculating size, adequacy of pool heating, filtering, and operating equipment
  7. Projections of life expectancy
  8. Determining compliance with installation guidelines, regulations, covenants, or other restrictions, including:
    1. The issuance of permits
    2. Adequacy of solar panels or the mounting thereof
  9. Programming computerized control systems
  10. Manual operation of valves
  11. All other limitations, exceptions, exclusions as set forth in the Inspection Agreement

If you have other concerns about the home you would like to purchase, be sure to check out our following specialty inspections and services:

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Considering purchasing a home with a pool? A pool inspection from The Real Estate Inspection Company will give you a clear picture of its condition. For more information about us and why we’re different, contact us atl (800) 232-5180. We service San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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