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Good or Great?

A good home inspection identifies problems in a house that could cost you a lot of money. A great home inspection puts you in control and can be a very valuable negotiating tool when purchasing a home. Our experienced home inspectors throughout San Diego perform a rigorous inspection of hundreds of items and build an awesome interactive report for you. We promise that you won't move in to find unexpected repairs and we back that up with our exclusive Inspection Guarantee. And if your escrow falls through for any reason, we'll do your next inspection for $100 off through our Cancelled Escrow Protection program.

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You benefit by having our well-trained inspectors working for you - truly the best in the business! With more home inspectors than anyone in San Diego, there's nothing we haven't seen. See how we deliver more...

Advanced Home Inspections

Trust us to provide you with a high-end home inspection that far exceeds the home inspection industry's minimum standards. Our inspectors are all equipped with the latest inspection equipment like gas leak detectors, electronic moisture meters, high-resolution aerial roof cameras, mold testing equipment and Infrared cameras. We've put together the best methods for fast, reliable, accurate building diagnosis. We pack extra value into our inspections with a Visual Mold Assessment at every inspection at no additional cost. This extra information will alert you to conditions which are conducive to mold growth such as leaks, poor grading, excessive irrigation, or even ventilation problems. We encourage you to compare our services to those of any other home inspection company in California.

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Additional Services

In addition to home inspections, we can provide you with additional services such as drain line video inspections, comprehensive mold inspections and testing, Solar Panel inspections, limited scope inspections, pre-listing inspections, and much more. Our office staff can coordinate everything you need. Bundle services and save! When you combine services, we provide you with discounts to keep the cost down and provide you with all the info you need. The Real Estate Inspection Company is proud to be able to offer these services to our clients as optional inspections so you will have the information you need to decide how to proceed with your purchase.

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Pre-Listing Services

Are you selling your house? We can provide you with 3D Virtual Tours and listing photos at very affordable prices. A 3D Virtual Tour let's potential buyers "walk" through your house online. They get a much better feel for your home and will likely want to see it before other houses they are considering. It's like having an open house 24/7. Combine these services with a pre-listing inspection for even greater value. A pre-listing inspection helps sellers identify issues that will be reported by the buyer's inspector. Sellers who have a pre-listing inspection sell their house for more money and avoid costly credits back to the buyer at the last minute. The party that gets the inspection always has the upper hand during the transaction!

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Buyer's Benefits

A home inspection is not required, but with so much invested, both financially and personally, you should have as much information as possible. Buying a pre-owned house is not the same as buying a used car. Repairs can be quite expensive and most problem areas are identified during a home inspection. You want the best property inspection possible so that you will know the condition of the house, what repairs are required, and if it is the right house for you – before you close escrow. See more about buyers benefits.

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Seller's Benefits

One of the most frustrating aspects of selling a house is when a problem turns up on the physical inspection. Depending on the severity of the problem, it can lead to a new round of negotiations, delay your escrow, or even terminate your sale.

All buyers are going to conduct an inspection eventually. Performing a pre-sale inspection gives you many benefits:

  • If a problem is present, it allows you to fix it before affecting negotiations.
  • Comfort of listing your house knowing that there won’t be any surprises.

Concerned about a written report?

We offer a Verbal-Only inspection consultation which may be a great solution for you. Have one of our expert inspectors perform a limited visual home inspection which can identify the items you want to fix before a buyer's inspector finds them. This is a great way to save money, avoid delayed escrows and re-negotiations, or even a lost sale.

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