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Save Time: Your time is valuable. Don’t worry about scheduling contractors, meeting them at the house, disturbing the sellers, and waiting for quotes.

Save Money: Why pay several contractors for a quote? Our customers receive a discount on incredible accurate estimates by QwikFix, a great local technology/contracting company. The estimate is normally $99.95, but for a limited time, it is only $49.95.

Receive a $25 discount!


Getting Repair Quotes 

After you receive your home inspection report, you may want to know how much certain repairs will cost to fix. With short contingency periods, it may be very difficult to get a contractor out to the house to provide an estimate in time. We have a solution.

We are working with a great local company that can give you estimates right from our home inspection report. Best of all, they can actually perform the repairs and bill to escrow! This is a great way for sellers to have items fixed without the stress of spending money they may not have, resulting in a higher selling price. All you have to do is save your report as a pdf file, and securely upload it by clicking below. Simply set up a profile, and upload your report.

After scheduling your inspection, you will receive an email with your appropriate discount code to use on the QwikFix website.

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