Order a Repair Quote

Are you frazzled with the process of trying to schedule contractors for quotes and repairs during escrow? The certified home inspectors of The Real Estate Inspection Company have helped buyers, sellers, and agents avoid this stressor. Call (800) 232-5180 for more information or schedule now. We serve San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Turn your buyer or seller home inspection report into an easy-to-read repair quote

  1. Schedule a seller inspection or home-buyer inspection with us.
  2. Look for our same-day inspection report, which includes a report summary and a list of repair items that can function as your repair list.
  3. Check the inspection report email. Within that email is an important link to TheQwikFix, a reputable local technology and contracting company that we work with.
  4. Save your report as a PDF file.
  5. Click on the link to TheQwikFix website and quickly set up a profile and upload your report. That’s it.
  6. Watch for your quote. Within 24 hours, TheQwikFix will send you a quote for the repairs.

More Details for Sellers

Sellers and listing agents will receive a detailed invoice to share with buyers that shows all of the work the seller had completed. For their convenience, sellers can pay TheQwikFix after the sale directly from the escrow account. This is an incredible offer. Sellers can schedule repairs without the stress of spending money they may not have, resulting in a higher selling price.

More Details for Buyers

If the seller decides not to complete the repairs, buyers can still use TheQwikFix to complete the repairs after closing! This saves buyers the hassle of finding contractors to quote and do the work.

More Details for Listing Agents

Listing agents can use the quote as a tool to get the best deal for their clients.

More Ways We Serve and Protect Our Clients

Easy repair quotes are just one way that The Real Estate Inspection Company helps our clients. We’ve created the following products with convenience and safety in mind:

  1. Sellers Shield™ to protect sellers, the least protected party in a real estate transaction.
  2. BuildFax for in-depth information provided in a property history report.
  3. Water Monitoring to protect your property from excess water usage and damaging water leaks.
  4. We also have a resource for real estate agents. Check out our referring agent protection page for a program that offers agents financial protection.

For information on repair quotes or any of our other home inspection services, call (800) 232-5180 or schedule now. We service San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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