Commercial Property Condition Assessment

When purchasing a commercial building, it is every bit as crucial to get it inspected as you would a house. Having a proper commercial inspection, or property condition assessment (PSA), can save you thousands of dollars. The building inspectors at The Real Estate Inspection Company are ready to assist with our professional inspection services. Call (800) 232-5180 or schedule now. We serve San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Commercial Inspections

Whether you plan on purchasing, occupying, leasing, or selling a commercial building, consider having it thoroughly inspected. As a buyer, you will have negotiating power if your offer is based on the facts of our comprehensive building inspections.

The Real Estate Inspection Company has a large team of inspectors. We can scale resources to address your needs like no other inspection company. From small, free-standing buildings to large apartment complexes, we can perform a property condition assessment in a timely manner and provide you with a report on defective items requiring immediate attention, as well as deferred maintenance that will require capital investment in the future. We offer several services for our commercial customers:

  • Due diligence building inspections
  • Property condition assessments (PCAs)
  • Triple net lease inspections
  • Acquisition (purchase) inspections
  • Apartment complex inspections
  • Moisture investigations
  • Mold testing
  • Roof leak assessment
  • Thermal imaging
  • General maintenance building inspections

Prior to the inspection, we may request documentation from the seller. These documents can include ADA assessments, maintenance records, disclosure statements, environmental reports, permits, and recent repairs. The more information we have, the better the report will be.

Commercial Property Condition Assessment Reports

We’re proud of the peer-reviewed, multi-media reports we create for our clients. They are packed with information and contain the following:



Thermal imaging pictures

Insurance information sheet

Embedded videos


Report summary with a list of repair items that functions as a repair list

PDF version of report for emailing and downloading

Overall, we’ve found that most of our clients get a return of three to four times the cost of the inspection in seller concessions. The combined inspector experience from our certified home inspectors that goes into each report is unmatched in Southern California.

Our inspections tell the story of your house.


Since every commercial building is unique and often has extenuating circumstances, we don’t have pricing guidelines on our website. Please contact us for a detailed quotation at (800) 232-5180.

Other Inspection Services

In addition to property inspections, we offer numerous other inspections for buyers and sellers.

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Professional Home Inspectors

Protect your investment and your bottom line with a property condition assessment from a building inspector at The Real Estate Inspection Company. Call (800) 232-5180 or schedule now. We service San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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