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When it comes to buying or selling a home or commercial property, The Real Estate Inspection Company is your first line of defense. We offer seller inspections, home buyer inspections, and commercial property condition assessments for your protection. Let us provide the information you need to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Contact us at (800) 232-5180 for more information. We serve San Diego and the surrounding areas.

Compare and See Why You Get More

So how are we different than the competition? Compare for yourself.

  • We offer both standalone and comprehensive premium bundle packages of inspection services for our clients.
  • We exceed the minimum InterNACHI Standards-of-Practice to give you more from your report than the average home inspector gives. Thermal imaging and mold assessment are included at no extra charge.
  • Our reports provide more information and more detail, giving you more negotiating power.
  • Our typical customers receive about three to four times the cost of the inspection in seller concessions or repairs. Sometimes much more! Watch this video to learn more.
  • We have an education center at our headquarters where we bring local experts to regularly teach our home inspectors.

Value Of Properties

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  1. Infrared scan included.
  2. Visual mold assessment.
  3. Pool inspections (additional fee).
  4. Aerial roof inspections.
  5. Moisture scan.
  6. We open electric panels.
  7. Smoke/CO detectors test.
  8. Carbon monoxide test.
  9. Jetted tubs filled and tested.
  10. Hot water temperature tested.
  11. Garage door safety checked.
  12. Gas leaks test.
  13. AFCIs test.
  14. GFCIs test.
  15. Water pressure test.
  16. Flood test tile showers
  17. Thermal windows test.
  18. Appliance test (those that remain in house).
  19. Washer/dryer & refrigerator test.
  20. Built-in outdoor cooking equipment test.
  1. Interactive inspection report.
  2. Online request for repairs.
  3. Videos of defects.
  4. Inspection of two story/tile roofs.
  5. Moisture intrusion.
  6. Insurance info sheet*.
  7. Panel amperage.
  8. Size and age of water heater.
  9. Approximate age of HVAC equipment.
  10. Range anti-tip bracket.
  11. Performance of AC.
  12. Plumbing material.
  13. Utility shut-off locations.
  14. Drain videos (additional fee).
  1. 4/90 Inspection Guarantee.
  2. Reports exceed SOPs.
  3. Visual mold assessment.
  4. Affordable mold testing.
  5. Same day reports.
  6. E&O and liability insurance.
  7. Use of moisture meter.
  1. TheQwikFix quotes for repair costs delivered within 24 hours.
  2. Request for Repair builder.

Our inspections tell the story of your house.

Why Reports Matter

A great report obviously identifies defects for you. These can be used to negotiate repairs or cash back at closing. Even if the house is as is, you may find that the cost of repairs is more than you expected.

At The Real Estate Inspection Company, our reports go a little further. In addition to reporting on defects, we document many functioning items in a house. This is extremely important if you make a claim under your home warranty. The home warranty companies often try to deny claims stating that they were pre-existing. Our reports can help you verify that items were functional, thus making them eligible for warranty repairs.

*You will also receive an insurance information sheet which provides you with all the information that insurance agents often need to provide a quote. It’s all summarized for you in the back of the report.

Face-to-Face Education

Unlike the vast majority of home inspection companies, we have an actual education center at our headquarters in Ramona, CA. We bring in local experts to regularly teach our home inspectors. Most other inspectors simply take online courses, which are often outdated and usually not specific to the Southern California Region.

Each region of the U.S. has different building codes and techniques. Houses in the Southeast are built to withstand hurricanes. Houses in the North are built to withstand cold and frost. In Southern California, we are concerned with seismic stability, specific pool safety items, solar systems, and so on. Ask yourself where other home inspectors are obtaining their training and if it is specific to our climate. There’s nothing like an actual classroom with a local professional!

Optional Services

When it comes to the highest trained inspection professionals and the most extensive services, The Real Estate Inspection Company is at the top of the list. We’re known for our excellent customer service and our innovative, detailed work practices. Call (800) 232-5180 for more information or schedule now. We service San Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County.

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