Cody Kifer, Certified Sewer Scope Technician

Cody Kifer, Sewer Scope TechnicianI started my professional career as a contractor with SDG&E working on electrical and gas utilities, as well as heating and air conditioning. With this experience, I learned the in’s and out’s of how they are installed and maintained through the years. My experience continued to grow as I was contracted to work with the water districts throughout the state of California allowing me to learn more about plumbing and repairs. I was able to take these past experiences and move on to a company that inspects and services sewer lines in the Southern California area. Here I inspected thousands or sewer lines and provided customers with detailed reports and videos on the conditions and recommendations to fix any issues.

I have since moved to the Real Estate Inspection Company, where I am able to work with a team that can provide the same quality customer service experience as I do. I pride myself on being as thorough and detail-orientated as possible and to always give the customer the best service I can. With my expert knowledge and experience, my main goal is to provide the buyer, seller, and agents all the information they need to make informed decisions. 

I serve all of San Diego County and parts of Temecula.