Preventative Commercial Maintenance Inspections

What is a Preventative Maintenance Inspection?

A preventative maintenance inspection is a regularly scheduled evaluation designed to save thousands in potential repair and replacement costs that arise from improper or neglected maintenance. This proactive measure is essential to protect your investment.

The Purpose of Preventative Maintenance Inspections

The goal of a preventative maintenance inspection is to assist building owners or tenants in budgeting, planning, and executing maintenance tasks. These inspections help in managing repairs and replacements efficiently, and in avoiding unnecessary, catastrophic repair costs. By conducting regular building inspections followed by detailed cost estimates, we provide ongoing strategic consulting and planning, fostering a more preventative approach to building maintenance.

Why Choose The Real Estate Inspection Company?

The Real Estate Inspection Company boasts a large team of expert inspectors, enabling us to scale our resources uniquely to meet your specific needs. We can perform your commercial building inspection swiftly and provide a comprehensive report that identifies immediate maintenance issues and projects future needs for capital investment. Our detailed “cost to cure” estimates will also help you understand the financial scope of necessary repairs and maintenance.

Our report includes a thorough inventory of the building’s major systems and components, along with an assessment of their physical and functional conditions. Forecasting and planning for future expenses are critical, as unexpected maintenance issues are common. Many of these problems are avoidable with the right preventative measures.

Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Understanding the condition and maintenance needs of your commercial property can prevent small issues from becoming large expenditures. Contact The Real Estate Inspection Company today to schedule your inspection and start protecting your investment more effectively. Visit our website to learn more: The Real Estate Inspection Company.