Opinions Of Cost – Commercial Property Inspections

This report compiles cost estimates for immediate improvements and enhancements to the property based on our findings from the Property Condition Assessment. It helps determine the necessary funds to set aside to cover immediate expenses. Providing a cost-to-cure report ensures our clients walk away with even more knowledge to empower them to make wise financial decisions regarding their property purchase.

Cost to cureOur Opinion of Cost report is crucial for building and business owners who may be doing any repairs and replacements at the property and are looking for real-time cost estimates, which will aid in creating budgets concerning improvements and enhancements. All types of commercial buildings are suited for an Opinion of Cost Report.

At The Real Estate Inspection Company, we do determine the overall health of a property, and we provide further value when we give insight into how long current systems and components may last, how much operating expenditures and gains can be expected from said assets, and what the immediate repair cost for all items we deem necessary found in our due diligence.

In conclusion, our Opinion of Cost Report provides clients with short-term budgetary estimations and determinations that will allow them to make an informed decision regarding purchases and future maintenance. So, if you’re looking to purchase or lease a commercial property, make sure to get in touch with The Real Estate Inspection Company to get a comprehensive Property Condition Assessment report that includes an Opinion of Cost or Cost to Cure Report.