Sewer Scope

Adding a drain line video inspection (Sewer scope) to our home inspection service is a smart thing to do. Replacing or repairing buried drain lines can have significant expense and inconvenience. Let Drain Line Inspectionus identify if your drain line is clear. A drain line video inspection is an optional service. Just like a home inspection, drain line inspections are visual in nature and do not include dismantling any component other than removing a cleanout cover.

Unbiased Results

Just like our home inspections, The Real Estate Inspection Company does not perform repairs on sewer lines. Therefore we are unbiased in our reporting. We are not influenced by the possibility of performing expensive repairs.

Here’s what is included:

  • Video scan of the main drain line or “lateral”
  • Accessing the main drain line from a standard cleanout
  • A written report including the findings
  • A link to the video
  • Locating and placing a marker at the site of the defect

Here’s what is not included:

  • Removing plumbing fixtures such as a toilet to access the drain
  • Climbing on the roof to access drains
  • Adding cleanouts to the drain
  • Forcing or cutting off old cleanouts.
  • Researching the issuance of permits
  • Determining the adequacy of the drain
  • Any repairs whatsoever
  • Any drain lines over 200′ long
  • Providing any quotations for repair
  • Accessing, evaluating or operating sewer ejector pumps
  • All other Limitations, Exceptions, Exclusions as set forth in the Standard Inspection Agreement

More invasive, exhaustive testing is available from some plumbing contractors. These inspections are lengthy and may include pressure testing underground Home buyer quotes about sewer line video inspectionplumbing, verifying sizing and adequacy of equipment, and providing estimates of life remaining. A plumbing contractor may also provide you with estimates of repair if required. In the event we cannot access the drain line, you will not be charged for our drain line inspection. In some cases, old cleanouts cannot be removed without causing damage. In some older homes, no cleanouts are present which in itself is a costly repair. We do not install cleanouts or modify the plumbing in any way.

Scheduling a drain line video inspection 

If you want a drain line inspection you will need to call us for scheduling. We have a dedicated inspector who will perform this service, so it may not be possible to schedule it simultaneously with a home inspection. Call us for scheduling at 800-232-5180 or reply to your home inspection confirmation email with a note that you want to add a sewer line inspection.