Premium Bundle

Premium Inspection Upgrade 

Occasionally a basic home inspection just isn’t enough. If you are buying a larger home or one that needs repairs that you know you want to have re-checked after they are performed, consider upgrading to our Premium service. Instead of paying for a drain line inspection and a re-inspection a-la-carte, you will get the best inspection services available, and you will receive additional benefits that can save you a lot of time and a lot of money.


  • ADDITIONAL INSPECTOR ($300 value) – Your time is valuable. By upgrading to our Premium service, we’ll send an additional inspector (for houses over 4,500 sq. ft.) to reduce the inspection time substantially.
  • EXTENDED 120-day Inspection Guarantee – Take our great Inspection Guarantee and extend it from 90-days to 120-days. This guarantee protects you in the event you discover a defect that should have been found during the inspection. There’s no deductible, and repairs are covered up to $1,000. Learn More…
  • One Repair Verification Inspection or 1-year maintenance inspection ($250 value)Have your inspector return to verify that repairs were performed properly. Or have us perform a maintenance inspection anytime within one year of the inspection. A great way to maintain your house.
  • Drain Line Inspection ($275 – $375 value) – A video inspection of the main drain line between the house and the street. This is a critical inspection that is not included with a standard home inspection. A failed, clogged or damaged drain line can cost thousands to repair.  Learn More…
  • Repair Estimates ($100 value) – Get estimates for virtually all of the defects in your home inspection report, within 24 hours. No more waiting for contractors or bothering the sellers. Learn More…

These services are valued at over $1,400 if ordered separately. You save hundreds of dollars by bundling with your home inspection. The Premium Upgrade is $950 in addition to your home inspection fee.

The bundle upgrade must be ordered PRIOR TO THE INSPECTION DATE so we can schedule properly. Drain line inspections ordered on the day of the inspection or after will be billed at the non-bundle price.