Sewer Scope Video

Drain line inspectionThe Importance of Sewer Scope Video Inspection

The cost of replacing a sewer line can be $5,000 – $10,000.

Nearly 2/3 of all the sewer lines we inspect require repairs of $3,000 or more.

TheDrain line root intrusion cost and inconvenience of these repairs can escalate if driveways, landscaping or even sidewalks have to be torn out and replaced. Problems exist in new and old homes alike. Every buyer should consider a sewer scope to be an integral part of their due diligence. Without question, main drain line inspections should be performed on every house.

The Real Estate Inspection Company is proud to be able to offer sewer scope services to our clients as an optional inspection. We can perform a color scan of the “main drain line” of your house from the cleanout to the street or alley where it connects to the public sewer system, or to your septic tank. The color video you receive will confirm that the drain is in good condition, or can be used to obtain a quotation for repair if it is clogged, broken, collapsed or damaged in any way. We place a marker on the ground where defects are found.

Please remember that root intrusion or damaged drain lines will most likely not be discovered during the course of a standard home inspection. Only clear water can be run during an inspection which is not a substitute for actual use by a family (toilet paper, waste, soap, suds, etc.). Under normal use, obstructions in the drain line can cause a back up of sewage into the home.

What Can the Video Reveal?

Drain Line video InspectionOur technicians use state-of-the-art digital color cameras to take a careful look at your sewer line from the inside. They show up with over $25,000 worth of equipment, including cameras that can inspect up to 350′ instead of the typical 100′. The camera is inserted through a cleanout and fed into the pipe until it reaches the public sewer line or septic tank. You receive a video recording of the inspection so that you can be confident the pipes are clear and in good condition, or provide the video to a contractor for a quotation. We will provide you with a video report of our observations. Just like with home inspections, we don’t perform any repairs so our findings are unbiased and solely based on providing you with valuable information.

Location, Location Location!

We mark the location of any defects so that repair professionals where know where to look. We can also locate septic tank cleanouts, saving you money. Septic inspectors will charge you $90/hour or more just to locate the cleanouts.

The high definition video of the drain pipe can reveal a number of issues. Depending on the material of the drain lines, there can be a number of issues. The pipe material typically depends upon when the house was built. In addition to age and deterioration, the pipes can be affected by earth movement, tree roots, or physical damage that goes unnoticed. See what’s included.

Don’t be stuck with a huge repair bill!

Be proactive and get your drain lines inspected. If a blockage is found you will have the information you need to decide how to proceed with your purchase. Please call our office to schedule a sewer line video inspection as it will be performed by a separate inspector. We will do our best to schedule the sewer line video inspection at the same time as your home inspection.

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