Water Monitoring and Leak Detection

Reduce Water Bills.
Minimize Damage.

The Real Estate Inspection Company is proud to offer the only water sensors that monitor water use in real-time and detect leaks and floods. We now offer intelligent water flow and leak detection solutions developed by Alert Labs to analyze normal water usage at your properties and alert you to problems when they occur – helping you reduce water damage and unusually high water bills.

Alert Labs dashboard

Audit your water usage, and get alerted to costly, damaging leaks before they get out of control.

By simply adding the Flowie or Flowie-O water flow sensors, you can monitor your water usage, and be alerted to anomalies that can Flowie installed insideindicate a latent leak in your house such as a running toilet, irrigation leak, or a slab leak. It also is a great way to audit your usage and manage your water bills. No special tools are required to install the Flowie or Flowie-O Smart Water Flow Sensors.

The Alert Labs sensors are not dependant on wi-fi. Instead, they connect via the cellular network to provide reliable monitoring even in locations without wi-fi, like the end of your driveway. With the high cost of water, a leak at your irrigation system can cost you hundreds of dollars and go unnoticed until you get your next water bill. In a commercial location, leaks can easily cost thousands before they are detected.

You can also add flood detection by simply placing a Floodie flood sensor anywhere in your home or office that may experience a flood due to a plumbing failure such as under sinks, beneath a dishwasher, water heater or washer.

Shuttie Installed

For the ultimate in automation, you can have your system automatically shut off your water if the system detects a flood. Simply add the Shuttie automatic shut off valve. This allows you to manually or automatically shut off your water and is ideal for vacation homes, short term rentals, property management, and commercial locations where immediate access to your main valve is not an option.

Once your system is installed, you get real-time usage data to help you manage and monitor your water usage.  With pending legislation in California that can cost thousands in penalties, a smart water monitoring system can help you manage your risk. You may also save money on your Homeowners policy depending on the carrier.

Getting Started

What’s the best way for you to get started? To begin with a basic setup, you need to install a Flowie or Flowie-O water flow sensor, and set up a monitoring account. This is a great way to get real-time data about water usage at a property. With this device and intelligent monitoring, you can identify latent leaks (such as irrigation leaks) that cost you a lot of money. It will also alert you to water usage outside of your normal usage.

For real-time flood alerts, add Floodie flood sensors throughout your property in locations that are most likely to have a leak. This includes your water heater, washer, dishwasher, under/behind your refrigerator, and under sinks or adjacent to toilets. These are the most common areas where leaks occur. If water is detected by one of the sensors, you will immediately be notified by text and email.

For total control and automatic shut off if a flood is detected, add a Shuttie automatic valve. This is the only part of the system that may require a professional, as it must be installed at the water supply line where it enters your home. Once installed, you can manually turn off and on water remotely via that App. This is great for vacation rentals or second homes. The system can also immediately shut off the water if a Floodie detects a flood. This will help you avoid thousands of dollars in water damage, and potentially huge water bills.

Alert Labs

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