Meet Philippe Heller

CalBRE Instructor


I started The Real Estate Inspection Company way back in 2004 after experiencing a poor home inspection on my own house. It was at this time that I wanted to start my own business after a career working for world-class tech companies such as SDG&E, GE Power Systems, Cox Cable and Time Warner Cable. At each of these companies, I learned a lot about electrical systems, heating, and cooling, thermodynamics and construction. At the time, the home inspection industry was very basic and lacked technology. Inspection reports were simply carbon-copy forms with checkboxes. They were poorly written, sparse, and basic.

Having created several websites, I wanted to set up a simple way to schedule home inspections. Our guiding philosophy is to always be a leader in our field by being the first to introduce new technologies to home inspections. We were the first inspection company in San Diego to include Thermal Infrared scans with every inspection at no additional charge. We’ve developed testing methods for checking dual pane windows, plastic plumbing, and roofs that many inspectors won’t inspect. To keep our inspectors safe, I created Panel Pal which is a specialized tool for holding older electric panels open so inspectors can inspect them safely.

Our reports are the best in the industry and have evolved into the most comprehensive report you can get. We include photos, detailed explanations, video, and numerous links to additional information. Our reports are delivered electronically the same day as the inspection. And our clients and their agent can create a request for repair addendum right from our report saving time and creating a detailed document.

Our latest service helps listing agents and home sellers market their homes. We offer Pre-Listing Inspections that are the smartest thing a seller can do before listing their property. Sellers who do have an inspection performed prior to listing their home will learn how their house looks through the eyes of a home inspector. This allows the seller to make repairs so that they don’t become an issue during escrow. Sellers have also found that when they have the opportunity to make repairs on their own timetable they are able to negotiate much lower prices than the amount of money buyers usually ask for in their Request for Repairs.

The Real Estate Inspection Company has grown into the largest San Diego-based home inspection company that serves Temecula and South Orange County. One of the great benefits of working with us is that we see more defects than any other home inspection company, and clients benefit from the shared experiences of our inspectors.

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