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The Real Estate Inspection Company is headquartered in North San Diego County. We offer the highest level evaluation of your home. Our home inspectors inspect thousands of homes every year using state-of-the-art testing equipment and reporting software. Please check out our Interactive Sample Report and read about the equipment we use.

Information about Escondido

Escondido Performing Arts Center

Escondido Performing Arts Center

It takes about 45 minutes by car to travel from Escondido to downtown, but it feels a world away. Escondido is North County’s destination for great shopping centers, a vibrant revitalized downtown that features car shows in the summer, and a world-class Performing Arts Center.

Escondido was established in 1888 by the Escondido Land & Town company, and has a rich history.  Like many towns in America, it started as a farming community, then became a getaway for wealthy people from San Diego and Los Angeles. Factors which have contributed to its growth have been the citrus and grape industries, and hay and grain farming. Lemon production was at its prime for two decades, starting from the late twenties; Escondido once boasted the largest lemon packing house in the world. Avocados were first planted here in the twenties and are still a big business. A large packing plant is maintained for the handling of the fruit. In more recent years, Escondido diversified by attracting light industry, and retail including an auto mall and shopping centers. Housing prices are much lower than in neighboring San Diego, and people live in Escondido for the country feel and lifestyle.


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If you need a home inspector in Escondido, be sure to check out The Real Estate Inspection Company. We include a thermal image scan of your house with a general home inspection. We are the largest inspection company in San Diego County, and we are ready to help you.