5 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Santa

It’s that time of year again to prepare your home for Santa. While some people may choose to do a quick once-over, others may want to go a bit more in-depth with their preparation. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for Santa this Christmas from your friends at The Real Estate Inspection Company.
5 Steps To Prepare Your Home For Santa

1. Perform a General Inspection

Perform a general home inspection to ensure Santa is safe to enter. This includes all the significant elements of your home and the foundation. The Real Estate Inspection company can help if you lack confidence in the process.

2. Check the Roof

Check the roof for any damage and make necessary repairs. Santa and his reindeer need a safe place to land the sleigh, so ensure the roof is in good condition. Look for any worn shingles or loose tiles. If you need help, we offer aerial roof inspections that don’t require you to use ladders and risk your safety for the sake of Santa.

3. Replace Shingles and Tiles

In order to guarantee Santa’s safe landing, make sure there are no worn or missing shingles or tiles. Missing and damaged shingles put your home at risk for further roof degradation and water damage. The same holds for gutters, and both of these issues require immediate attention. If you find any problem areas, replace them immediately to ensure Santa is happy, and your home is safe.

4. Inspect the Chimney 

Once Santa safely lands, he still needs access to your home. Of course, this occurs through the chimney. To ensure Santa and his sack of gifts fit, make sure it is free of blockages and other hazards. Have your chimney swept annually to keep it clean and safe for Santa’s arrival. Make sure there are no obstructions on the way to the fireplace and ensure that any furniture or decorations near the fireplace leave room for him to navigate.

5. Repair Exterior Walls

Santa needs a safe place to enter, so inspect your exterior walls for any cracks or other damage that could be an entry point for unwanted visitors. Patch any holes and fill in cracks with mortar or spackling to ensure Santa is secure inside your home.

Need More Help?

Following these five tips can give Santa a warm and safe welcome this Christmas season! With a little extra preparation, your home will be ready for the big man’s arrival. Feel free to contact us at The Real Estate Inspection Company if you need help with these tips in Sand Diego County, Orange County, and Riverside County. We can provide professional inspection services to ensure your home is as safe and secure as possible! Schedule now or call (800) 232-5180.