All The Ways Your House Is Trying To Kill You

  There are many dangers lurking around your home. Some of these are obvious, but some can easily be overlooked. Here is an infographic showing some of the dangers that can appear both indoors and out and around your home that you should be aware of. We all know that our medicine cabinet should be closed and secured so children cannot get into them, but did you know that there are a few varieties of houseplant that can be toxic to children and pets? We all know that household cleaners can be toxic to ingest, but if combined some of them can turn into gases that can be incredibly harmful. Each year about 80 thousand people are hospitalized by rocks or sticks run over by lawn mowers. Outdoors there are a lot of obvious dangers like insects and snakes but even a dry lawn could cause complications if there is an ember from a grill or firepit. Your home should be the place you go to feel safe, and by regularly inspecting and maintaining your home, it can remain that safe haven for you and your family. killer-house-infographic-6-22