Buyer and Agent Survey

Buyers and Agents Differ on What Inspections are Important

We recently conducted a survey among home buyers and real estate agents who have hired us for home inspections in the last 6 months. Below are the results of the survey. The goal was to find out what additional services, beyond general home inspections and drain line inspections, do buyers and agents think should be available.

It’s interesting to see that overall, buyers and agents appear to be interested in having the same ancillary inspections available to them.

Inspection servicesAmong both home buyers and sellers, the number one additional service they want to have available is mold testing. Second to mold testing, agents were interested in solar panel testing, while home buyers were interested in having the irrigation systems checked. Following irrigation systems, home buyers are interested in lead paint testing. Since over 78% of the houses in San Diego were built prior to 1979, there is a legitimate concern about lead. Lead testing is a service that can inform a buyer about the presence of lead in various materials such as paint. Lead, of course, is harmful to children.

Asbestos testing was high on the list for agents. Asbestos was commonly used in houses to suppress fires. It was used in insulation, plaster, drywall, flooring material, acoustic ceiling texture, siding, insulation on wires, and roofing material. While asbestos is a great fire retardant, the fibers are carcinogenic if inhaled into the lungs.

Radon testing was surprising to us. There simply is no Radon in San Diego of any significant amount. That is why the vast majority of home inspectors don’t even offer the service. In many parts of the country, Radon is a significant health hazard and has been associated with lung cancer.

Most surprising to us is that testing for Meth was at the bottom of the list of both buyers and agents. Of all of the potential health hazards, Meth is likely the most toxic and least predictable. Meth can be present in homes in any neighborhood. Even in “nice” neighborhoods, a teenager may have used meth in a room that a baby may be using next. The residue from Meth is highly toxic.

Mold Testing is Number One

Fortunately for our clients, we offer mold testing which is high on the list. If you require mold or indoor air quality testing, please give us a call to arrange for a thorough inspection and testing. Results are quickly reported along with an easy-to-read report.

If your team would like to know more about mold, we can teach a CalBRE-approved CE course on mold. Give us a call for details.

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