Clearing a Dishwasher Air Gap

Proper plumbing should take health and safety into consideration. One of the key safety concepts to consider with plumbing is the prevention of contaminating your house water supply. Almost all of the water that enters your house leaves through the drains. It is essential to keep these systems apart to prevent bacteria from contaminating your drinking water. The water enters the house clean, and leaves dirty. You must keep the water supply and the waste system separated. You have to prevent dirty water from coming into contact with the supply side of the plumbing. This is often accomplished through the use of air gaps. An air gap is simply a separation of two plumbing components. An air gap breaks any siphon that could be created, which would allow water to flow from the drain system to the water supply. Air gaps are located throughout your house. Air gaps are built into your toilet fill valves, clothes washers, and dishwasher. The following video was created by a colleage Greg Chick, owner of Ramona’s Plumber. In this video, he talks about how to clear a clogged dishwasher drain line.
Greg and his website are a great resource for your plumbing questions. He even has a pocast to which you can subscribe to receive regular tips and tricks about plumbing. Check it out!