How To – Fixing Slow Sink Drains

We are starting a series of short videos to show you easy, do it yourself repairs that can save you substantial money and avoid damage to your house. The first video in the series shows you how to clear a slow-running bathroom sink drain. Slow drains are a frequent occurence. It is one of the most common defects we report during the course of a home inspection. These slow drains are often caused by hair which wraps around the drain pop-up stopper. Once hair starts to accumulate, toothpaste and soap cause even more hair to cling to the existing hair. No amount of drain cleaner will fix this problem! Those corrosive chemicals can cause much more damage by corroding metal parts. Instead of spending money on chemicals or a plumber,  you can easily fix the drain. With a simple pair of large pliers or channel locks, and a little patience, you can fix the drains. For more information about home inspections, please visit our website. Philippe Heller The Real Estate Inspection Co. 760-203-9682