Disasters Happen

Your Best Defense is Proper Planning

As fire season closes in on us, now is a good time to review or create your family’s disaster plan. If you are prepared, your family can avoid much of the heartache that affects some families when faced with turmoil.San Diego County Disaster Planning

When we perform your inspection, your safety is our biggest concern. The primary goal of our inspections is to ensure that your house is safe. We inspect the safety features in the house such as fire walls, smoke detectors, and the safety features built into the furnace among others. The safety features in your house are instrumental in protecting your family from fires that could start from a faulty item.

But there are some events that we cannot predict such as wild fires, earthquakes or worse. These are events which have happened in San Diego, and will happen again. When you move into a new home, it is a perfect time to establish a disaster plan. We strongly recommend that you set up a plan so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

The County of San Diego Office of Emergency Services has created a wonderful FREE disaster plan which we recommend. You can get your own free copy by clicking on the picture at right, or by visiting the San Diego County website.

We include a link to this book with every report. Your safety is our biggest concern. If you have any questions about what is important when selecting a home inspector, please feel free to contact us. The Real Estate Inspection Co. Is a multi-inspector firm that has performed thousands of inspections since our founding in 2004.