Do I Need a Sewer Scope Inspection?

If you’re a homeowner, chances are that you don’t think much about your home’s sewer system. But, when something goes wrong with that system, it can cause big problems and repair bills. So it pays to keep an eye on your sewer and have it inspected regularly. One way to do that is with a sewer scope inspection. In this post, The Real Estate Inspection Company reviews these inspections and when homeowners need them.
Do I Need a Sewer Scope Inspection?

What Is a Sewer Scope Inspection? 

A sewer scope inspection investigates your sewer line using a special camera designed to give inspectors a clear view of what’s happening inside the pipe. During a sewer scope check, the camera travels along the system and captures the journey, recording any problems that it finds. Sewer scope inspections are important because they allow inspectors to check for things like blockages, damage, and leaks in your sewer line. These problems can lead to sewage backups in your home, so catching them early is crucial. 

Do I Need a Sewer Scope Inspection? 

Not every home requires this type of inspection. Homes built before 1980 are prime candidates due to the lifespan of waste lines. In general, sewer line systems tend to last around 50 years. However, if you’re experiencing issues that may be related to sewer line blockages or damage, you should definitely consult a professional like the team at The Real Estate Inspection Company. Moreover, we recommend getting one anytime you purchase a home.

You can also determine whether you need an inspection based on the information you want to obtain. As stated, sewer cameras can locate lines, identify blockages and similar issues, and determine the type of piping used. However, it’s possible an inspection might not uncover all potential leaks in piping under slabs. Sewer scope cameras can’t veer down every branch line. Still, these inspections capture most main line issues, damages, and major blockages.

Home Inspections Versus Sewer Scope Inspection

Home inspections can identify potential waste pipe deficiencies, such as slow drainage, which might indicate a blockage or something comparable. However, home inspections don’t include a sewer scope inspection. A home inspector may recommend you follow up with a sewer scope inspection if a general inspection indicates a potential problem requiring a more in-depth review. Or, you may choose to get one yourself based on other factors, such as those reviewed above.

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