Pool Pumps That can Save You Big Money

Save hundreds of dollars per year by upgrading your pool pump

Most “energy saving” upgrades amount to pennies per month. But there is one upgrade that can save you hundreds or even over a thousand dollars per year! If you have a pool with a standard
Variable Speed Pool Pump
Variable Speed Pool Pump
pool pump, you need to consider upgrading to a variable speed pump. Standard pool pumps are energy hogs. They can often use more than $100 worth of electricity per month. Unfortunately pool installers use them due to the low cost. Traditional pool pumps have one speed and move as much water in as little time as possible. The problem is that as you increase the volume and speed of water, you increase electricity consumption exponentially. In other words, doubling the volume of water results in a quadrupling in energy consumption. If you reduce the speed by half, energy consumption is just 1/8 of what was being used. The savings achieved by these pumps is substantial. Most manufacturers of variable speed pool pumps provide calculators on their website so you can estimate your savings. Pentair is one manufacturer of these pumps, and they have a great savings calculator. There are also rebates available from most utility companies such as SDG&E. In addition the Federal Government offers tax incentives for energy upgrades, and these pumps qualify.

Additional benefits of Variable Speed Pumps

Quiet operation Variable speed motors operate at lower RPM’s so they generate less noise. They really are whisper quiet compared to traditional pool pumps.

Longer motor life

Variable speed motors use permanent magnet motors instead of induction motors. They operate with less vibration, and have an integral fan to cool the motor. This reduces the stress on internal parts, and also reduces the wear and tear on connected components such as plumbing, filters, furnaces, etc.

Fully adjustable water flow

Variable speed motors are adjustable. If you have water features, you can very easily adjust the flow of water so you can increase or decrease the volume of water by simply pressing a button. With traditional pumps you have to close a valve partially to reduce flow. This creates back-pressure and makes the pump work harder, reducing the life of the motor and actually using more electricity.

Get serious about energy savings.

Instead of chasing the inflated claims of energy savings from changing your light bulbs, you should consider changing your pool pump. The energy savings are huge and can pay for other upgrades. About the author: Philippe Heller is President of The Real Estate Inspection Co., one of the largest home inspection companies in San Diego. Our philosophy is to provide home buyers and home owners with as much information as possible so they can make informed decisions. Home inspectors do not perform any work on houses they inspect, so they offer impartial evaluations. If you have any questions about home inspections, please contact us!