How Thermal Imaging Supports Home Inspections & Spots Issues

General home inspections identify active and emerging residential property issues. At The Real Estate Inspection Company, we use state-of-the-art equipment including FLIR® infrared thermal cameras to detect thermal energy during a home inspection that can point out a number of potential problems that otherwise could be missed. 

How Thermal Imaging Supports Home Inspections & Spots Issues

How Does Thermal Imaging Work?

Thermal imaging captures temperature measures through infrared video and camera technology. The heat visually represents escaping thermal imaging as varying colors on a spectrum. On one end of the spectrum, there’s black, which means cold. On the other end of the spectrum is white, which is the hottest temperature measurement.

If you think of a weather radar map, thermal imaging is similar in that more areas of red and white represent more activity and heat. Accordingly, what the inspector sees on their camera or video tells them several things. For example, it illustrates energy efficiency, insulation, fire hazards, and even roof leaks. 

Our FLIR® infrared thermal cameras use the latest technology to help diagnose residential or commercial property issues that inspectors can’t see visually. The tactic is helpful to understand what might be happening behind the walls, covered with paint, or what the seller may not know or communicate. 

Interior vs. Exterior Imaging

Inspectors can use thermal cameras for both the interior or exterior. However, the interior is more common because exterior variables, such as wind can impact the results. Additionally, heat escaping through the building’s envelopes may not originate from the point of exit. Therefore, interior imaging is necessary to pinpoint the location and specific cause. 

Interior inspections can identify several issues. For example, they can pick up hot electrical wires and connections that pose a risk. Additionally, they detect heat loss. Finally, they can sometimes detect roof leaks when water leaks through to insulation and causes it to get wet.

Not All Equipment Is the Same

We’re not the only company that uses thermal imaging cameras in our homebuyer and pre-listing seller inspections. While we’d love your service, we want you to select the best fit company. Still, we encourage you to ask about thermal imaging equipment because it’s not all the same. Some home inspection companies offer the service but use low-quality equipment, which doesn’t do you any good. However, we use FLIR® infrared thermal cameras that produce accurate results.

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