Home Inspection Company Growing Despite Difficult Market

Press Release


Release date:                January 24, 2011

Philippe Heller – President
The Real Estate Inspection Company
1672 Main St. #E-125
Ramona, CA 92065 
(888) 494-5150
sdinspect.com  or www.facebook.com/sdinspections

The Real Estate Inspection Company continues to grow despite the uncertain real estate market. We are proud to welcome Jeff Duncan to our team of home inspectors. He brings 8 years of home inspection experience to the company.

“We attribute our growth to an ongoing dedication to excellent service, using the best technology available, and treating buyers with respect and Jeff personifies these values” according to Philippe Heller, president of The Real Estate Inspection Company. “We maintain our leadership role in the San Diego home inspection industry through constant innovation.”

Getting a thorough home inspection is more important that ever due to the large number of bank-owned home sales and “flip” houses. The selling price may be great, but you won’t know what you are buying without a good inspection. Be sure the home inspector you hire is prepared with the best tools available such as thermal infrared cameras and testing equipment such as gas leak detectors, and Carbon Monoxide detectors. Their website https://sdinspect.com is very informational for agents and buyers.