Home Inspections Can Save Home Buyers A Lot of Money

The fastest return on your real estate investment…

It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That is particularly true when buying a house. Even though most houses in California are sold “as-is”, we feel that a buyer still deserves to know what condition the house is in, so they can research the true cost of buying a particular house. In summary, what does “as-is” mean? The best way to do that is with a great home inspection. A recent study1 shows that the average seller concession to a buyer, as a result of the home inspection report, is $14,000. With an average home inspection fee of around $500, that is a return of nearly 30 times the investment!

Most Common Defects:

    1. Electrical
    2. Plumbing
    3. Roof
    4. Drain line
Another area of concern is the main drain line of the house. Other than running clear water down the drains, a basic home inspection will not reveal defects other than a significant blockage at the time of the home inspection. However, you need to worry about deteriorated pipes such as rusted cast iron, broken glue joints in plastic pipes, crushed clay pipes, and root intrusion that can cause blockage in the future during regular use. It is imperative to get a sewer scope inspection in addition to a home inspection to avoid these potentially costly repairs.

Cost Estimates

While it is beyond the scope of a home inspection to provide cost estimates for any repairs, The Real Estate Inspection Company has partnered with an expert estimating company to provide estimates for every item listed as a defect in our reports. This gives home buyers and real estate agents a great starting point to negotiate for repairs or seller concessions (reduction in price or other terms). The learn more about our repair estimates, be sure to click HERE. We are here to answer any of your questions about Home Inspections, Sewer Scope Inspections, Mold Testing, Pool Inspections, and much more! Give us a call at 800-232-5180 to discuss your unique situation.
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